Our Story

Hey y’all! I am the founder, formulator, and owner of Nugget Oak Naturals and I'm honored that you're here!

I’ve always had an immense love and respect for everything natural and handcrafted and find peace knowing that God provided us with everything we need to naturally heal and care for our bodies and homes. Growing up on a small family farm and embarking on my own homesteading adventures have allowed me to respect the land, plants, and animals all around us and to love and use the gifts they provide.

I’ve spent over 20 years in prehospital medicine and have a degree in public health. This knowledge of modern medicine, coupled with my own infertility and my current studies in herbalism, have led me to see the flaws in some areas of modern healthcare, the toxic overload of today’s skincare and household products, and the beauty of traditional healing.

It is my hope that these products empower you on your journey towards holistic living, that they give you confidence to heal naturally, and that they bring you one small step closer to God's perfect design for health and wellness.

Be well!!