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Nugget Oak Naturals

Herbal Tallow Face Serum

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Nourish your skin with this Herbal Tallow Face Serum that has been formulated to support healthy skin for every age and skin type. This serum is fantastic for moisturizing, nourishment, balancing skin texture, acne-fighting, skin tightening, and balancing oil production.

Free of false fragrances, essential oils, synthetics, and preservatives. 

To use: Shake well. Apply to face and neck daily.

Handcrafted with chamomile, calendula, comfrey, horsetail, mullein, and marshmallow root infused jojoba oil, grassfed beef tallow, emu oil, rosehip seed oil, sugarcane squalene, vitamin E oil, fermented cod liver oil

**This serum can potentially solidify in colder temperatures due to the tallow. Just rub and shake the bottle to warm it up and all is well!

Customer Reviews

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Shannon H.
Daily lotion

I absolutely love this serum i use it everyday for my face lotion before putting on my makeup. Makes skin feel smooth and soft. I love it, i have bought several times