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Nugget Oak Naturals

Magnesium Deodorant Spray

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This all natural deodorant is full of necessary magnesium yet free of aluminum, baking soda, and alcohol! It's invisible once applied to the skin, dries quickly, and does not stain clothes. Magnesium serves as a natural odor fighter that kills any odor causing bacteria while also providing the numerous benefits of magnesium.

*Not recommended to apply directly after shaving or onto broken skin. Wait 12+ hours after shaving. If you are magnesium deficient, this deodorant spray may slightly sting but that will improve over time.

*This is not an antiperspirant. Our bodies are intended to sweat!

Handcrafted with magnesium chloride brine, organic aloe vera gel, organic arrowroot powder, essential oils: lavender, tea tree, lemon

To use: Shake well. Apply a few sprays to underarms, allow to dry before dressing.