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Tallow Balm

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Tallow skincare is centuries old. Turns out, our ancestors knew what they were doing!
Tallow is rendered beef fat and while that seems bizarre to some, it is extremely compatible with our skin’s sebum (oil). This allows our skin to use it effectively by providing an intense moisture while still being noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores). Tallow also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tallow naturally contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, E, and K2, along with vitamin B12. All of these are essential for healthy, nourished skin. The following nutrients are also found in tallow:
•Alpha linoleic acid and linoleic acid: known as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that maintain the structure and barrier function of skin. They are also helpful for anti-inflammatory and immune responses in the skin.
•Stearic acid and oleic acid: fatty acids found in our skin and sebum. Stearic acid helps to repair and improve skin and the skin’s barrier function. Oleic acid helps beneficial nutrients penetrate the skin.
•Conjugated linoleic acid: has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is antimicrobial.
•Palmitoleic acid: another powerful antimicrobial that is also one of the building blocks of our skin which decreases as we age.
•Palmitic acid: improves smoothness and aides the skin’s barrier function.

Tallow balm is similar to a firm salve and replaces lotion, face serum, wrinkle cream, diaper balm, medicated creams…you get it! And a little goes a LONG WAY!

Free of: sulfates, synthetics, parabens, false fragrances, preservatives, artificial colors

Handcrafted with grassfed tallow, organic olive oil, lavendar & frankincense essential oils. Bare Tallow Balm contains only grassfed tallow & organic olive oil.

*Always check with your holistic practitioner or MD before using a new holistic remedy if you have any questions/concerns about how it may affect you or any current medications. As a reminder, these holistic remedies are not FDA approved.

Customer Reviews

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Uli L.

Our customers are just crazy about those tallow products. The one with the added lavender smells sooo good.
Thank you,

Ashley C.

I live locally and love the fact that Candice uses local beef to make this tallow. It’s super moisturizing and has done a wonder in preventing dry skin this winter. The smell is amazing and it goes a long way. It’s helped alleviate my toddler’s chapped cheeks when he is outside in the cold. 100/10 would recommend.